When the ball swings and wraps around, India will fight in Australia: Ponting – Betting Tips

Former Australian captain Ricky Ponting believes India’s top order could be overshadowed if conditions in Australia for the test series later this year could ease the swing and hem. Ponting justified his conclusion with India’s lukewarm punch at the recent series in England that India lost 1-4.

India will fight for their first victory in the Australian test series and Ponting believes spicy tracks will revive the demons that have surfaced in England and keep Australia’s proud record against India intact in home runs. “If the ball swings around a lot or moves a lot, I think India will find it difficult in Australia,” said Ponting on the Cricket Australia website.

“I think we saw India in the English series over and over again as the ball moved, and as the ball moved in the air or in the seam, the Indian batsmen will always have to fight – it’s no different than in Australia Subcontinent and the ball spins from the first day, and we’re always having problems with that. ”

India, who failed to win a test in his last two attempts in Australia, will once again rely on the clout of his captain Virat Kohli, who enjoyed a great run with the bat on these shores in 2014-15 and continued on until his last trip to England where he summed up 593 runs, including two hundreds.

But it’s Kohli’s captaincy and team selection that came to the test in England. Ponting hurried to defend the Indian captain, explaining that a lot of capitalism in the field was instinct and that much of the leadership was in dealing with off-field matters.

“I’ve never leaned back and tried to analyze what captain plays, as I know when I captained the field was about 30 or 40 percent of what you need to control,” said Ponting. “The rest happens behind closed doors or in the locker rooms and often back at the hotel if you have time for yourself.

“I try to find ways to spend time with your teammates, get to know them from the inside and try to find a way to make them better on the field, it’s not so much about a bowling change or field placement as this one Part of the game For me, this is very overrated, the tactical stuff is usually drafted a few days before the game and then you go beyond the game with your gut feeling as soon as the game starts. ” Read More